Hi Andreas, I had been using esxi v5. I attached them here for convenience, with also two identical dlls I randomly found bare another signing certificate. And some benchmarks under AHCI mode: Anonymous November 20, at 5: May be you know where I can find a detailed information on how ESXi loads modules and why enabled modules can be unloaded after rebooot? I’m just not getting if the bug is in the ESXi kernel or in the Marvell firmware.

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Sandro, Jay, have you rebooted the host after the installation? I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your help!

Fixing the AMD AHCI drivers for SB7xx on Windows 7

I can see the sata-sah file becomes loaded but no response from the tested harddisk connected to to 1 of the 6gb sata interface My marvell shows: Hi cacahue, you don’t need to install the vib file to make it available for passthrough. Any suggestions on getting this working would be greatly appreciated! OJ Yildirimer November 18, at 8: Anonymous December 16, at 8: The drivers from the latest Catalyst, Google revealed a bug report, which indicates the problem is not limited to ESXi or anyhow related to it.

Anonymous January 19, at 8: Aamd was found within the etc map somewhere. You cannot use Linux drivers in ESXi without porting them. Comparing the following line of the. You can use the command line here to run regedit to edit the registry.

Do you know why? This is also reflected in the driver. Thank You, Thank You!!

AMD SATA Controller AMD /04/15 | Community

Thanks and Regards, Szabolcs Illes. So these lines are messed with a lot. Hello Andreas, Awesome work here.

I had to restore last good known configuration to get the pc to boot again. Anonymous January 4, at 2: Cpntroller January 1, at I get to set up my study lab now.

I will not create a separate VIB for each controller, but will update the existing one to support all that are reported to me. Oh, I forgot to say, the reconized ahci, is the onboard sata controller, with 1 connected disk.

Anonymous November 5, at 2: The same was true for a completely different card with the same chipset. Shawn February 19, at 8: Your explanation are great Thank you very much.

I’m asking because I have a board with 2x Marvell controller and it seems there are no devices detected. Anonymous December 17, at I have trying for a long time to upgrade my ESXi 5. At vSphere client I also don’t see any sb070 connected storage disks. Passthrough is a different story