Through my experience with my , I came across several things that will increase your performance more than just overclocking will. Joined Mar 30, Messages 0. Using this command line: Go get ya an PCI card , as i didnt need that could some1 give me more info on this? Rule-R New Member Apr 3, Put Flashrom on a diskette plus the stock and the bios. So i might overclock it some more than below the max?

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It seems in the Pro BIOS, the memory timings are more aggressive which allows for better performance. I ran 3dmark SE again and had this score: Is that the reason why I can only get to MHz on the memory you think? Simply download ATITool and use that! Joined Mar 27, Messages 1, 0. You’ll know it when you see it. GeCube has bios with same settings suggestion also. Put Flashrom on a diskette plus atii stock and the bios.

Remember, Google is your friend! Rule-R New Member Apr 3, Thanks, yea, hopefully, this will cut down on the amount of repetitive questions people post about theor at least keeps it focused in one thread so it’s not spamming the forum ReconCX, what brand memory do you have on your dataland? Im radein nOOb as this thing Joined Mar 30, Messages 0.

Especially if your features only a cheap aluminum heatsink! My core oc with atitool quitand my mem x2.

ASUS A9550GE/TD Radeon 9550GE (128 MB) (A9550GETD128MA) Graphics Card

Using this command line: Celeron Ai Tualatin Im planning on getting ramsinks and a better cooling, untill that time i will give the 3dmark and points. It didnt accept on going higher on the mem, but i managed to get the Core If no problems arise, rinse, lather, then repeat.

By far, this is the question that is asked the most.

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Also, it seems that voltages are increased as well unconfirmed. Look on your graphics card.

Clipping in wti isn’t an artifact, that’s just bad programming. I didnt take a real good look my cooling but what i do know is that it is an active cooler, attached with 2 screws.

AGE/TD Series | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

Probably not, but it’s worth a thought. Ahh well those heatsinks arent gonna work i guess lol. Question 2 – Why can’t I overclock my ? Go get ya an PCI cardraeon i didnt need that could some1 give me more info on this?

It’s a hit and miss chance, one BIOS might work with yours and not work with someone elses. Rule-R New Member Mar 31, What im gonna try now is: W1zzard also made this nice table of memory types that you can compare to as well.