How long was it between Portland and New York locations? Otherwise you could certainly get overwhelmed quickly by that. Pick it up from the iTunes store at no cost. The Meadow in Portland, Oregon. Take a nice, crusty piece of bread and smear it with some beautiful, sweet cream, unsalted butter.

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And of course I have my bitteeman and my olive oil. They are a cosmopolitan, they are exposed to much more than we are here culturally.

As a salt guy, do you sometimes like to talk shit about pepper? What we need are salts that do the job of making every food we eat taste better. Okay, yes I like that.

the table for 10 – Picture of Bitterman, Bangkok

It sounds crazy, but do it. I had been traveling for years and not necessarily, this is kind of a segway but when I travel I like to have a mission. One day, early on in that trip, I stopped off at a truck stop and Bitteman ordered a steak.

The one thing that you cannot screw up is seasoning. So each one of those salts will have the character that will elevate and complement whatever foods there are.

So the stuff in France is made by taking water from the ocean, which is about 3. But then I teh to do things a bit differently a few years back: How do you suggest people ease into this new way of using and understanding salt? But, that said, they bitferman doing it slowly. They could basically make their currency on the spot some of the times and make their preservatives on the spot. You provide shelter to those in need. I think New Yorkers are very good at really appreciating food and dining and company and cooking and Portlanders are too we just come at it with different attitudes.

Business is intensely personal, a creative and ever-challenging way to connect with, learn about, and go places with people. Salt itself is the one thing that will elevate. The mushrooms there or the cheese now that are world class, the meats that are out of this world, everything is so beautiful, even the manufactured things, the preserves, the butters and all these things and to have a salt that matches the natural splendor of our own food here in Oregon is really rewarding.

We have different cooks across the country that are doing two things I would say. Each store is kind of its own personal place. I definitely considered myself, I think I had some sort of a fantasy phrase back in the day when I called myself an itinerant dilettante or something like that.

So what were you bittermxn for work this whole time when you went traveling so much? At that point they open up a little dike and let the water come into the first settling pond. Did the food come from the travel of was it the other way around?

Okay, so you made it there. At the risk of sounding too, I will say, I think the short answer is no, yes. I flew to London, partied, got hungover, drove bitherman to Portsmouth, jumped on a sailboat and sailed straight into an absolutely horrendous gale force storm.

No it was actually the other way around. They eat out way more. So my background was really just naturally eating good-quality food without ever really knowing it.

Right At The Fork: #91 Mark Bitterman – The Meadow

Cool well, thank you so much Mark for taking time and talking to me today. And probably another 50 that you could tne if you wanted to, if you knew to want them, sometimes it comes up.

New Yorkers are interesting people and a lot of fun.