The shaft for the counterfeit edition is also a darker shade of green than the genuine article. Originally Posted by Marcos. Mark Slingo has been a professional writer since Note the different colour on the fake Ping G10 headcover left. The pictures are part of the description thank you very much.

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Ping Rapture V2 Irons

My primary objective whenever I evaluate a driver is to be able to appreciate the Also, I am not rqpture in any way to the sale of Ping products. Great talking to you today. The Ping Rapture V2 driver is a high-end golf driver designed to optimize a.

To avoid suspicion, sellers of counterfeit golf clubs tend to charge the same prices you would expect to pay for the genuine article. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. As you can see the red paint use is slightly lighter than that on the genuine article from Callaway.

The hardest thing is deciding if I want green, orange or blue Cheers Pete. The inner most curve on the counterfeit putter is also much thicker than the original version, most likely as a result of less accurate manufacturing and probably cheaper tools used in the milling. Please don’t worry about the quality, because our clubs are made with the same technology and mould. The other difference is the loft.

Pijg shaft for the counterfeit edition is also a darker shade of green than the genuine article.

New! 2009 Ping Rapture V2 Irons

This comparison should be done with the actual products in front of you. This sounds very very odd. The risks of acquiring counterfeit goods, product unavailability, low stock, inadequate service and fraud are best avoided by dealing with Ping Authorized Retailers.

In this example the counterfeit is on the left. Please review the pictures included for your own review and evaluation. Trade in fake golf clubs is drying up, with the action taken by the authorities to date clearly having the desired effect.

Counterfeit Golf Clubs – Golfbidder Information – Golfbidder

Mark Slingo has been a professional writer since Almost everything is wrong — the font for 19 degree and 5W, the ferrule, the colours. Never have been and never will be – so right away you can relax!

So just because you jump on that bandwagon and buy a shiny thing off the shelf does not necessarily mean you end up with something better than fakes. The mass properties of tungsten and titanium are optimized in the PING Rapture V2 Driver to create a high launching, lower spinning driver that delivers the.

It looks obvious here, but in isolation it would be easy to be fooled — as was the poor chap who tried to sell it to us and who had no idea it was counterfeit. Other features that indicate the club is a fake include the engraving for the words “Ping” and “G10” not being as crisp or defined as the original, or the number “9” located near the shaft designating the loft.

On the other hand if you picked up more “players” irons from a few years ago, for eg. Thanks for the advice so far guys Came home to an email stating that they were counterfeit, from PING. One of these clubs is a genuine Nike SQ driver — it has thinner but more defined face lines, with crisper edges and a cleaner finish.

The raptue coloured triangle displaying the Cleveland logo is not the same on the counterfeit – it raprure a pure white paint. I have his plate and home address. The shafts are of the same clubs — and again, the impostor is the top one. Stronger lofts in each iron gives added distance. This driver will get.

Does the Ping Rapture V2 driver live up to its very successful predecessor? Paul,I really feel bad for you.

Advertise with us Privacy Terms. All in all,R9 golf clubs for sale allow a person to adjust some settings and weight, therefore allowing one to.