However, functions like Polling the drive do not work correctly if there is no tape in the drive. You may also want to ensure that no prior program has set the default block size, as happened to one user, by explicitly turning it off with:. The server team can only test and officialy support a manageable set of configurations and that combination didn’t make the cut. In fixed block size mode, drivers may transmit a partial block or multiple blocks for a single read request. The above commands will clear all options and then set those specified.

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Tape level It is always possible to position filemarks or blocks, whereas positioning to the end-of-data is only optional feature, however it is implemented very often.

The above commands will clear all options and then set those specified. The amount of data should be greater than your memory 3 3.

If you must run with fixed size blocks, make sure they are not bytes. Problem Resolution Guide Previous: If at all possible avoid using fixed blocking. Finally, it reads back both tapes 1-scsj ensure that the data has been written in a way that Gp can recover it. The backup still works fine so this is more of a annoying little problem rather than a fault.

This can happen if your tape drive is in fixed block mode while Bacula’s default is variable blocks. As a consequence, you should ignore that field as well as the Attached Changer field.

Testing Your Tape Drive With Bacula

This has been confirmed by several other people using different hardware. If you are not getting good performance, consider some of the following suggestions from the Allen Balck on the Bacula Users email list:. You only need to mount a blank tape, enter the command, and the output should be reasonably self explanatory. Start this tool without any options for a small reference. A dirty drive that needs cleaning particularly for DDS drives. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

HP Ultrium-1 SCSI Sequential Tape Device Free Driver Download (Official)

Thanks to Alan Brown for this tip. According to the documentation, sequentiwl may never write an amount of data that is not the exact multiple of the blocksize it is not specified if an error occurs or if the the last record is padded.

This should be done only if your drive does not support 1-scei block sizes, or you have some other strong reasons for using fixed block sizes. That is they may be reset if a program other than Bacula uses the drive or, as is frequently the case, on reboot of your system. If removable storage is running you may want to disbale that as well.

This will cause Bacula to use the MTFSF request to seek to the end of the medium, and Bacula will keep track of the file number itself. Also, the next time you reboot, the BIOS may be able to tell you what the rate of each device is.

Driver for HP Ultrium 7-SCSI SCSI Sequential Devic – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

This is too small and the overhead that Bacula has with each record will become excessive. The output produced should be something similar to the following: Now the important part, I am going to attempt to append to the tape. This directive is available in version 1. When the file is re-written, answer the question, and Bacula will run without using block positioning, and it should recover your files. It is also possible that you have your drive set in SysV tape drive mode.

If you are getting error messages such as: It isn’t necessary to run the autochanger part of the test at this time, but do not go past this point until the basic test succeeds.

See below for the xcsi on checking and setting the default drive block size. Depending on your tape drive, the test may recommend that you add certain records to your configuration. This is the preferred solution. The first and best is to always ensure that your drive is in variable block mode.

We strongly recommend that you do so and then re-run the above test to insure it works the first time.