The user doesn’t notice this switching unless various tools are used to visualize the enabled GPU. This test also confirms this observation. All specifications are subject to change without notice. HP’s tiny 2-in-1 ain’t perfect — but it’s getting close HP’s tiny 2-in-1 ain’t perfect — but it’s getting close by Lori Grunin. Just be prepared to dial back the “Vocal Clarity”, “Surround” and “Bass” sliders in the SonicMaster app to regain high-end clarity. Sandy Bridge together with Optimus and a good midrange graphics card – all tied up in an attractive, well manufactured case.

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Superior computing performance The most capable processors from Intel drive diverse, thrilling adventures, high productivity and memorable moments.

The Asus N53SV deactivates its fans completely in idle or less demanding office moderespectively turns them down to their lowest, almost asuw level. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. First a GTM supplies an equal result in the same settings with 70 fps. Memory Max Supported Size. Dark keys, light lettering on keys.

Before we n553sv at the CPU’s performance in detail, we would like to present a bit of general information about the new Sandy Bridge chip. To be mentioned as the most striking innovation is likely the graphics chip incorporated into the quad core processor. Asus has bundled in its SonicMaster sound technology as well, which, along with some decent-quality speakers, brings better-than-usual sound.

Hear the Power Feel the Power

January 9, The Core i7 processor is quad-core, but the slowest model available. Resident Evil 5 The relating benchmark test gives an average of Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. Laptops by Justin Jaffe 2 days ago. Even if the largest part of the positive overall impression is due to Intel’s new Huron River platform, Asus has succeeded in setting up a strong multimedia notebook.

A look at our data base is baffling: Asus N53SV-A1 processor relies on 2.

We can however relativize fears in regards to performance losses caused by this throttling. Laptops by Justin Jaffe 10 days ago. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance.

Keyboard is like a trampoline. The pad’s gliding traits are just as convincing as its responsiveness. Need for Speed Shift That is a multiple increase of the given performance reserves. The typing asuw is acceptable, although the keyboard base flexes a bit, which is a disconcerting behaviour.

ASUS N53S Core iQM Sandy Bridge in Notebook Review | PC Perspective

I’m working on Adobe softwares a lot Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. The newly coree Razer Blade is the perfect ssus for undercover gaming. More and more programs are using the GPU’s computing potential beyond the conventional 3D calculations. A strong quad core CPU in a compact 15 inch midrange multimedia notebook — this was only found in exceptions until now.

Well, high performance notebooks can select the suitable graphic card with Nvidia’s Optimus technology automatically and thus provide the perfect balancing act between performance and energy savings.

Review Asus N53SV Notebook

An upgrade appears very tempting. I am a desktop junky with the need for gaming horsepower and really dont travel or need a l7 i do however utilize this as a roaming friends and families homes gaming machine which it works very well for and you must bring the large power brick with you Left 4 dead We will first start with a few older games.

Nvidia’s Optimus contributes to this, among other things. The partly very crowded key layout also gave us a hard time occasionally, especially in the arrow key area. Starcraft cire The multi-player strategy track runs smoothly on the Asus N53SV even in high graphic details x, high with an average of