How do I check my bonus minutes credit balance? None of them seem to apply to my situation. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. To create an account, follow these simple steps: Is there a way to verify the amount the topped up number will receive?

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Why am I required to agree to your terms and conditions?

How to setup and troubleshoot your Digicel 4G Broadband Modem –

This is a part of the policy to protect your privacy and faildd and the terms of service is used to protect your rights. This varies for each country and is accessed by dialing a short code. Please remember to bookmark this page for easy access when topping up via the mobile site. It takes only a few easy steps: Happy Trails, Dear reader, be ye Prepaid or Postpaid.

Can I delete my account history? This document will provide all the details you need to assist you with sending minutes to your loved one in the Caribbean. So the price gone up?

If you fwiled attempting to top up a Digicel number that is registered as a postpaid phone, you will see the following message “Your order cannot be created.

What is the time allotted to use bonus minutes? A summary is presented on screen at the end of the transaction. What is Digicel Online Top Up? If top up is sent to an incorrect number, Digicel will be unable to provide a rebate as minutes are sent instantly and immediately available for use.

Why has my Top Up failed? Once the transaction is successful you will receive the following forms of confirmation: And if u have to disconnect. None of them seem to apply to my situation. Complete your transaction in a few easy steps from anywhere in the world.

This varies for each country and ranges from 2 to 10 days. You may assign names to each contact here or add new contacts.

I have forgotten my password” to reset your password. Just that the Digicel router is balls Anybody got a fix for this?

How to setup and troubleshoot your Digicel 4G Broadband Modem

What is the exchange rate when purchasing minutes? To view your contacts when sending a losd up, please click the icon with the down arrow that is located to the right of the text box used to enter a phone number You will see this after you have logged in only. The recipient will receive a text message confirming the top up received to their mobile phone.

Here are the main reasons why your Top Up may fail: In olad case, please contact Customer Care contact details are on each page of the website or try again You have hit a limit on number of transactions.

The system verifies each number that is entered for a top up and will return a message advising whether or not the Top Up can be completed. I’ve checked solutions in this thread so far. Would I need to buy a router?

Brokerage firm Mayberry Investments Limited has, over poad years, shown its ability to be innovative, giving customers great value, varied If you wish to save your cards details, please tick on the ‘save card’ box as you complete your payment details.

The value top up received is minus the tax amount.

Digicel Online Top Up

Sales or Diglcel Added Taxes are applied to purchases according to the Digicel country that receives the top up. Mary Banana Chips are great for Troubleshooting. Switch off the router Wifi and Digicel wifi still not working.