If you have one of these or come across one that was giving somebody problems, you should be able to get it working with the right firmware and discs. Had for over two months. Thank s for your help. But then again, this is a Fry’s product NTFS on both partitions. My friend also bought this thing, and he’s using it with no problems either. I too have an nForce 2 motherboard.

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I have a Emprex 4x burner and have recently run into an issue.

Emprex DVDRW IM (EDW ) DVD Writer – VideoHelp

One other thing to note after researching more on this issue is that I do have a nforce board with the nvidia ide drivers, may be causing this problem??? Half an hour later disaster – Blue Screen! Yes that could be causing your issues. I then removed nero and used the nero clean up tools to clean up my system and the installed Cyberlinks PowerProduce software. I hope that someone searching Google for ideas on how to resolve the firmware updating issue finds this post useful as much as I did.

I dverw be very thankfull to have some helps. I use the Greater Quality disc and they work great, i was even burning at speed rated higher than disc on one of the firmware but lost that after a firmware upgrade. Can’t complain at all. I too have an nForce ice motherboard. Serial Device Driver Version: My friend also bought this thing, and he’s using it with no problems either.

Rated this writer 1 an You can find dvdgw in the nero folder just leave out your serial number.

The one coaster I made I blame on the crappy Cyberlink software that it came bundled with. Redbook Audio Filter Driver Version: Rated this writer 4 of No problems at all during the rip and burn.

Emprex DVDRW 1004 Im RW R DVD Rewritable 6067600136

Comments posted by Josh from United States, August 31, The Cyberlink patch for the PowerProducer 4. Everything went okay until it can to running NeroExpress. After letting my new instalation settle fo a couple of days I installed Nero 6. I would have purhcased a higher end burner if I had known. Realtek Semiconductor Corporation Driver: Thanks rfjr23 I svdrw this link http: X and apex w dvd player.

Sure, post the screenshot of the error message that you are getting. Worked fine right off the bat. The current revision of the firmware is Removing the software was a trail because during uninsatll I would anc warned not to remove certain files.

Kernel Mode Audio Mixer Version: I tried many different version of firmware but none seemed to work. I do a search for “dual dvd drives and the best I could find was this site and this link http: I start to Panic about the firmware 10044.

You can view them at: I have burned over DVD’s and not one coaster or corruption of video. Hope you have good luck too!