Input file size is , The data is now stored in a dictionary, and can be accessed as e. Byte data are formed of 8 bits, e. The GetMetadata method returns a list of metadata. XSize, scanline for value in values:

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We omit the UNIX shell prompt and path here. Given you’re on a Windows box it’s easy to download and install the h4toh5 tools from the HDF group which can be used from the command line with using your example file: Let’s have a look at the QC data: Let’s hdf44 that we want to access the LAI information.

Your data are stored as tables rather than gridded raster data which could be interpreted by GDAL. GetMetadataintroduced in Section 3.

gdal – Read HDF4 data using python – Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

The github thread lead me to a final linkwhich is the basis for my current post. Unfortunately, hdf4 is not by default supported by gdal. Thus, my total workflow was: We can used masked arrays for this. For this file, the above code returned the following. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Here’s the link to the file that I’m working with. In particular, we can use the gdalinfo program, that takes a filename and will output a copious description of the data, including metadata, but also geogrpahic projection, size, number of bands, etc. Icons of each dataset seems to point out that they are databases.

This program is composed of the above fragments. A string specifying an object “HDF5: Sign up using Facebook. Jackie 93 1 9.

Think hdf file as a folder. A good set of working notes on how to use GDAL has been developed that you will find useful for background reading.

HDF4 Hierarchical Data Format Release 4 (HDF4)

Having some idea what information is in the hdf file then, we can proceed to read the data in inside Python using the GDAL library:. This is essentially a “header-only” summary I’m afraid.

Can you point to an example file? I am unable to compile gdal with hdf4 support using bash on a mac osx el capitan version The QA values are to be interpreted in this manner. Remember that the mask in a masked array should be False for good data, so we can directly use qa as defined above. In the above example Figure So, I linked hdf4 using brew link -overwrite-hdf4and a warning comes back that it’s already been linked.

As explained bdal the previous sectionGDALOpen can open a specific object if the first argument indicates one dataset. Having some idea what information is in the hdf file then, we can proceed to read the data in inside Python using the GDAL library: For example, run the following command on the sample MOD17A2.

HDF4 — Hierarchical Data Format Release 4 (HDF4)

Jackie Because pandas is build on top of dhf4 arrays if you select a column or columns from the dataframe you can cast it to a numpy array. Sign up using Facebook. In the previous code snippet we have done a number of different things: Sign up using Email and Password.