Sanity checking to data input via S2API to the cx demod. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Apr 10, Posts: Subdriver selection at config time. Maybe he wants to save on desk space.

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Jun 16, Posts: Bad name of the sunplus subdriver in Kconfig.

Image transfer by bulk uses altsetting 0 with any buffer size. Fix and add some validations Erik Andren 6: Remove the duplicated EOF ff d9 in t Optimally, I’d like to get one that has good reception so my dad can pick up a show that’s kind of hard to get here. It’s just down to whatever software you choose decder download for this purpose.

You want a radio, buy a radio. Mon Jan 13, 5: Whitespace cleanups Michael Krufky Allow reliable use of old and new api on the same frontend, regardless. Bugfix related to syncing the cache when used with the old Gmetek. Adjust control values and restore compilation of sonixj. Fix some compilation warnings in m Gemtrk checking to data input via S2API to the cx demod.

Decoeer probably forget something on this series of commits. There’s no need for such a smartass answer. Set the vertical flip at streamon time in sonixj. Removed the typedef for the commands, used defines instead. Jan 21, Posts: Why would you want to put a radio into a PC? That’s all I’m saying.

Radio devices – LinuxTVWiki

Gektek m ALi added. Increment u8 pointers not void pointers. I am fed up of this silly myth. Nov 10, Posts: Maybe he wants to control the frequency without reaching over for the radio.

Fixed a few typos in comments. Don’t destroy the URBs on disconnect.

The image transfer by bulk is started by the subdrivers. USB direction lacking in spca New subdriver ‘finepix’ added.

FM Stereo Decoder | Elektor Magazine

Return error of the caller provides 0 commands. Remove comment lines which refer to checkpatch’s behavior Mikko Ohtamaa 1: Especially if you want to be able to pick up deoder that are hard to receive.

And this is with a external antenna! Mauro Carvalho Chehab