Can’t log in to Netware servers. In Control Panel, try disabling the option that waits for a dial tone. Pin connector Figure To Create Or Copy Cds Use memory troubleshooter in Windows Help.

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Notice the retaining hook at the right end of the PCA. Check hard drive installation. Make sure only one application is using infrared port. Top And Right Side View The following table lists POST messages and explanations for reported problems.

The Sycard PCCtest and provide the onmibook tests.

Solving Problems With Your Computer To Install Omnibopk Support Press F2 to proceed with the basic tests. Parity Check 1 nnnn A parity error was found in the system bus.

Keep in mind possible causes for each problem. Replace the motherboard or dock component, if applicable. Movie may be paused. Automatic close not supported.

Modem will not connect at any speed. Removing the Hard Disk Drive 5.

Download driver for laptop, Hewlett-Packard HP OmniBook PC HP OmniBook XE3 GF

Load Setup Defaults Restores default settings, and remains in Setup. Turning the Notebook On and Off You can start and stop the notebook using its power switch or blue standby button. Performance may vary when using port for other applications. Back up drive immediately. To Optimize Battery Operating Time Audio Tests h- h Check the speaker connection.

Xe3-vf F2 to open the advanced test screen. Port replicator is not repairable, and must be exchanged. While holding the paper label in place, attach a serial label overlay into the outer recess.

Download driver for Notebook HP OmniBook xe3-gf Windows XP

Docking port Motherboard Docking logic, docking connector. Check dialing options in Control Panel — look for duplicate digits for outside access or long distance. Download latest modem driver from technical support area of HP Notebook web site see page vi.

Close all applications before going into or allowing notebook to enter standby or hibernate mode. If the computer fails to restart with a clean boot, it requires repair. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation of those programs without prior written permission of Hewlett-Packard Co.

Check operation using headphones or external speakers. Carefully remove the pin connector from the end of the drive by working alternately at each side, so that the connector slides off evenly without bending the connector pins. Memory Tests The addresses below are absolute bit addresses, and are not in the segment: You can lift the floppy drive slightly for access.