Table of measured characteristics iBasso DX It has an absolutely black background and the sound is even better with high res music like the demo tracks that were pre loaded. Great review, thanks Mike. I find that it is perfectly sufficient but it may be a bit too little for long plane flights. Currawong , May 26, I bought these myself.

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Reply November 5, Jonathan Yeung.

Hello Mike, I usually really appreciate your reviews, but here I am wondering what you really think about the DX With lesser players, drum hits were just a sound, but now, they are textured and you can actually hear them vibrating after every hit. Hi – have a question I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere It has a good, no, brilliant music player, sound wise. Reply November 17, Mike. You may also like.

Mike how about the sound though?

I only have a few Ibbasso tracks, and they’re gonna have to go. Comments To view comments, simply sign up and become a member!

iBasso DX/HDP-R10 Purist ROM version released! |

CurrawongMay 26, Post 6 of When I first received my iBasso DX, I think I lost a week or so really getting everything to work perfectly, sx100 though I had solid dx00 from other headfiers see the FAQ on the playerand even if I went straight to 1. I did a countdown myself and it’s 16 seconds for my unit 20 seconds if you start the countdown from when you first power the unit on.

Post 8 of AS the price is ridiculously more than the J3 how much of an improvement really is it? The maximum value in band from 40 Hz to 15 kHz, ohm.

iBasso DX100 Reference DAP – ES9018 inside

Cons – Battery life certainly could be better, but the dx100 quality you get makes up for that disadvantage. Hmm I to will have to wait for the If sibilance is present on the track, the HDP-R10 won’t help reduce it. So, for those of you orthodynamic owners: Voltage, Current and Impedance. If you press it, it will show the “real” expanded music player, I’m guessing programmed in by iBasso.

Middle of Johor, Malaysia. But the firmware upgrade saved it. Post 3 of Pros – Remarkable SQ, plenty of power, plays pretty much any format.

Test report iBasso DX100 (report for a pro)

Upon opening it, you are greeted with the HDP-R10 surrounded by soft foam covered with a soft, silk like purple cloth. Perhaps not as flawlessly sensitive as the iPhone’s one, but it’s close. Reply October 29, Jonathan Yeung.

Reply January 8, Michael Amouyal. Great review, thanks Mike. Nightwish, Fantasmic, from Wishmaster 7. For those who don’t believe that DACs make a difference, try this. Thanks for the great review Mike!

Variation in frequency response in band from Hz to 10 kHz, dB.