I followed the instructions you gave to Marinos. Since Win 8 has its own OSD lenovo no longer needed to supply a third party one. It went to sleep on me with Trillian Astra installed and nothing crashed. I took it apart according to the instructions in the Hardware Message 4 of 7. The reason why there is no on screen display for volume and brightness is because lenovo removed it from the driver. Hello and thank you for your reply.

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What do you think might be the problem?

Second-hand thinkpad x301 owner’s thread.

Bronsky or X, can you please share the color profile? Message 7 of Brightness display will still not be available though since you need the modified lenovo graphics driver. Will overclocking help improve the speed when opening such large files?

Message 1 of 8. Mine just says “ML: Having said that, I was able to install most of the drivers so far by using the device manager. This one here has already about cycles and holds only for about 1 and a half an hour. Message 9 of Thanks X, I’ve managed to install most of the drivers: It’s caused by resonating power coils when processor is switched controllr energy saving modes.

Regards Did someone help you today?

Thanks for the help. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. It is great to see the performance bump that a pin mod can accomplish but a pin mod is a bit beyond my meager soldering skills.

Do any of you have experience in getting these devices to work on x64? Message 3 of I’m considering buying new cells and replacing old ones.

ZyXELisJun 26, Now that Lenovo released new driver i am all good. Thank you in advance. Message 8 of Message 4 of 8.

I have done as you suggest and the four lines from Hardware ID are: It seems the first PCI serial port would be sound device. No, create an account now.

Sleep is fast and reliable in the RC. Hi John, Any luck getting sound when docked? I believe i can controllef the hinge issue with some epoxy glue liquid metal or whatever they call it in other countries not that it’s really loose, but as I’ve said I am a bit picky and I need to sort this.

Windows 7 64bit RC and Thinkpad W

What stroke me the most was the fact, that in spite of X being known for good build quality, T42 feels much better build. Register Sign In Help. Message memorry of 7. There is a port replicator for this machine and you cannot use the sound from there, you get no sound. Gaming Software and Graphics Cards.